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Under the temporary importation regime the importation of certain goods is subject to total or partial relief from import duties. Imported goods relieved from duties payment are also relieved from VAT and excise payment. Such goods are imported for a specific purpose and are re-exported within specified periods without having undergone any change except for normal depreciation due to the use made of them. Pleasure crafts (vessels) and spare parts for the vessel’s repair can also be imported under the temporary importation procedure.

Requirements for the temporary importation of a vessel in Cyprus:

The importer has to prove to the Customs that:

  • he/she is the owner of the vessel or a person authorised by the owner (company or person) living outside the EU;
  • he/she resides outside the EU;
  • he/she does not possess in Cyprus any other vessel under the temporary importation procedure;
  • the vessel is intended for private use only; and
  • the vessel is registered outside the EU in the name of a person living outside the EU, or if it is not registered, it belongs to a person living outside the EU.

Procedure on importation:

On the vessel’s arrival the Customs Authorities board the vessel to complete the customs preliminary formalities. Vessels arriving at a private marina or beyond office hours are subject to overtime charges. Provided the above requirements are fulfilled, customs Form C104 is issued for temporary importation up to six months and is given to the importer.

Conditions to be observed after importation:

Once the vessel is temporarily imported into Cyprus, the vessel:

  • shall not be disposed of in any way without the permission of the Director of Customs;
  • shall be used exclusively by the importer, his/her spouse and their children living outside the EU or, on the Director’s approval, by any other person living outside the EU and duly authorised in writing by the importer to use the vessel; a professional skipper, Cypriot or foreigner, can operate the vessel on authorisation by the importer, only when the importer is on the vessel or on his/her instructions for specific purpose;
  • shall not be used by any other person;
  • shall not be used for the transport of persons for remuneration of for any industrial or commercial purpose, with or without remuneration;
  • shall be re-exported or immobalised at a marina before the expiration of the period of the temporary importation granted.

Customs formalities on exportation:

Form C104, issued for the vessel, must be delivered to Customs before the vessel’s exportation along with a 24 hours notification of intended departure to the Custom’s officer at the Marina.

Termination of temporary importation:

Before the expiration of the 6 months or longer period allowed, the vessel must be:

  • re-exported; or
  • placed for immobilisation; or
  • placed in a customs warehouse; or
  • destroyed under customs supervision; or
  • abandoned to Customs; or
  • cleared either on payment of all customs duties and taxes or on relief from them.

In all above cases, Form C 104 must be delivered to Customs. After the 6 months period, custom duties and taxes become payable and the vessel will be seized as liable to forfeiture.

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