The UK Ship Registry


  • Registration, survey and statutory certification costs are among the lowest available with no annual renewal fees.
  • UK Ship Registry offers dedicated customer service – 24/7 assistance during and after registration.
  • The ‘UK Flag’ is amongst the top performing flags on the Paris MoU and Tokyo MoU ‘white lists’ and is also included on the US Coastguard Qualship 21 approved.
  • The UK Flag is a signatory to all the major international maritime conventions.
  • Statutory surveys (except ISM, ISPS and MLC) – for eligible vessels – are delegated to classification societies without a formal appointment under the Alternative Compliance Scheme.



The following are qualified to be the owners of ships to be registered on the UK Ship Register:

  • a British Citizen;
  • a British Dependent Territories Citizen;
  • A British Overseas Citizen;
  • Companies incorporated in one of the EEA countries;
  • Citizens of an EU member state exercising their rights under articles 48 or 52 of the EU Treaty in the UK;
  • Companies incorporated in any British overseas possession which have their principal place of business in the UK or those possessions;
  • or European Economic Interest Groupings.

When none of the qualified owners are resident in the UK, a representative person must be appointed who may be either:

  • an individual resident in the UK
  • a Company incorporated in one of the EEA countries with a place of business in the UK



Following a successful check, the required documents for registration have to be provided in original form to the Registry:

  • Application to Register
  • Declaration of Eligibility
  • Evidence of title going back at least 5 years:
  • Bill of Sale (for existing ships)
  • Builders Certificate (for new builds)
  • Sales agreement or invoice
  • Copy of Certificate of Incorporation (if owner is a body corporate)
  • Deletion certificate/closed transcript from the current register or a written undertaking to provide one within six weeks (if the vessel was previously on another register)
  • Confirmation of radio call sign if there is one
  • Certificate of Survey for Tonnage & Measurement
  • International Tonnage Certificate (ITC69) if the vessel is over 24 metres – (for vessels >500 GT)
  • Copy of the ship’s current Continuous Synopsis Record (for vessels >500 GT)
  • Mortgage registration forms (if appropriate)

Once the documentation is received and reviewed, a Carving and Marking Note will be issued to the owner.

If the boat is less than 24 metres, the owner is required to arrange for the newly issued Official Number and registered tonnage to be marked on the boat. The name and Port of Choice must also be marked conspicuously on the stern.  Moreover, the owner is required to certify to the Registrar that the boat has been properly marked by returning the certified carving and marking note within 3 months.


Part I registration lasts for 5 years.  A renewal notice to the registered owner is issued three months before the expiry date. The notice must be completed and returned (with accompanying fee) to extend the registration for a further five years.

  • COMMERCIAL YACHTS REGISTRATION (Commercial Registration of Vessel under 100GT)

Any boat that it is not pleasure yacht is considered to be commercial. All small commercial boats must be surveyed to ensure that they comply with UK safety laws.

The boat must be tested on its:

  • Safety
  • Construction
  • Control systems
  • On-board machinery
  • Electrical equipment

For the commercial registration of a vessel under 100GT, the following documents have to be provided in original to the Registry:

  • Application to Register
  • Declaration of Eligibility
  • Title Evidence:
  • Bill of Sale; or
  • Builders Certificate
  • Original Deletion Certificate (if the vessel is currently registered on foreign register)
  • Original Certificate of Survey for Tonnage and Measurement

In addition to the above, it is also necessary to provide to the Registry a copy of the following:

  • Certificate of Incorporation (if the vessel is owned by a company)
  • Valid coding certificate


The UK Radio Regulator is Ofcom. The Radio Licence will remain in force until it is surrendered by the Licensee or revoked by Ofcom.


The MMSI number and call sign will change with the issue of a new radio licence.

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