As per the Shipping Notice 02/2016 issued by the Maritime Authority of the Cayman Islands , pleasure yachts of less than 500GT are allowed to perform commercial charters of up to 120 days per year subject to the conditions set in the Shipping Notice by the relevant Authority.


Yacht requirements to qualify for a Cayman Islands National Certificate for use in the Caribbean Cruising Area (CINC-CCA) :

  • must be registered as a pleasure yacht
  • must be in compliance with the Merchant Shipping (Vessels in Commercial Use for Sport or Pleasure) Regulations 2002.
  • must not be more than 500GT
  • must hold a valid International Load Line Certificate issued as per LY3
  • must be in compliance with the provisions of Maritime Labour Convention 2006


If the yacht is between 300GT and 500GT

  • Must be classed by a classification society which is recognized by the Cayman Islands Shipping Registry and,
  • Have documented operational procedures covering all aspects of yacht operations


If the yacht is below 299GT

  • Does not need to be classed provided:
    • yacht was built to standards of recognized classification society
    • yacht was built to a recognized national or international standard
    • a documented maintenance system for critical equipment is in place
    • documented operational procedures covering all aspects of yacht operations are in place


Limitations of CINC-CCA

  • Cannot navigate more than 60 nautical miles from a safe haven within the Caribbean Cruising Area.
  • Only allowed to perform commercial operations 120 days in a 365 day period.
  • Only 12 passengers or guests can be carried on board the yacht.

A signed Master’s Limited Charter Declaration attesting to the CINC-CCA limitations must always be available on board the vessel.


Maintaining CINC-CCA and renewal

  • Must be renewed every 5 years
  • Yacht will be subject to annual surveys not more than 3 months before or no later than 3 months after the anniversary of the expiry date to maintain CINC-CCA.
  • Renewal Survey is due every 5 years


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