Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) PYET Launch

Following the official authorization of the French Customs on 13rd of November 2014, an innovative new program for dual use of a yacht in the Med, designated as Yacht Engaged in Trade (YET), was launched. Traditionally yachts operating privately have had to maintain a privately categorized registration whilst commercial charter yachts have had to maintain…

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Transfer of Ownership of a pleasure Yacht under the Belize flag

The procedure for effecting a transfer of ownership of a pleasure yacht under the Belize flag is fast and simple, and in fact, in some instances, can be effected within a single day. There may be several reasons one wishes to effect a transfer of ownership of an already registered boat:  i.e due to the…

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Frequently, questions arise as to the comparison between the Cypriot and the Maltese Yacht Leasing Schemes. Although the principles on which both schemes are based are the same, there are some practical differences which may lead one to choose the one over the other. We trust that the below comparison will be a useful tool…

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Marshall Islands Yacht Registry Overview

It was only in 2001, due to the high demand, that the Marshall Islands Government expanded its Ship Registry to include commercial and private yachts. The RMI Maritime Administrator (the “Administrator”) revised the RMI Yacht Code (the “Code”) to reflect changes and developments in today’s yacht market, also covering recent technological advancements, new international conventions…

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