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The revised Code aims to serve the needs of the larger yacht industry better and to optimise the regulatory regime to the particular demands of the relevant market, always being in compliance with the recent safety and international regulations and standards.

The new revised Commercial Yacht Code 2015 will take effect as from 1 October 2015, and may be downloaded from the following link:



In summary the main changes/updates applied to the Commercial Yacht Code are:

  • the removal of the 3,000 GT boundary since charter yachts which are engaged in trade are getting bigger in size;
  • the Survey & Certification Process becoming more transparent, friendly and less time consuming;
  • LY2, LY3 and “Codice dell Noleggio” certified charter yachts transferring to the Malta Registry are being issued with an operational Commercial Yacht Code Certificate upon the initial application and thereafter given three months time to complete any necessary surveys and formalities;
  • Areas concerning glazing and windows were duly updated with current trends and technologies;
  • Various requirements were reviewed and re-written to be more practical and user friendly;
  • Non-metallic piping meeting the requirements of the IMO FTP Code (Fire Test Procedures Code) are now being allowed for Fire, Bilge and Fuel lines;
  • Structural Fire Protection requirements have been reviewed and updated;
  • MLC 2006 accommodation requirements have been introduced and adapted to the yachting industry;
  • Installation requirements and deadlines for the BNWAS (Bridge Navigation Watch Alarm System) have been introduced;
  • MARPOL and SOLAS up to-date requirements have been introduced as applicable (such as ISM, ISPS, IAPP, IEEC etc);
  • As part of the Paris MoU Inspection Regime and PS Circular 61 Charter Yacht owners/masters are instructed to report to the Administration whenever there is a port State detention of their yacht in order to ensure that timely corrective action is taken and to take any necessary steps in order to prevent future recurrences;
  • Specific details and requirements about helicopter landing/parking areas have now been incorporated in the Code;
  • The COC includes also a mini-survey status with the surveys’ due dates clearly indicated and accompanied with a Record of Equipment;
  • New technologies were catered for in the revised Code and the window was left open for equivalent technologies that might be introduced in the future.

The above are not part of the Code provisions and are for information purposes only.

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