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According to article 10 of Greek Law 4256/2014, private pleasure crafts (as defined by art. 1 of Law 4256 of 2014), under Greek flag or under the flag of another member- state of the EU, must obtain a Pleasure Craft Traffic Document (DE.K.P.A.).

A joint ministerial decision of the Minister of Finance and the Minister of Maritime Affaires and Insular Policy dated 8th September 2016 sets the new criteria of issuance, the conditions of attestation and renewal of the Pleasure Craft Traffic Document (DE.K.P.A.).

According to the aforementioned ministerial decision, for the issuance and attestation of the DE.K.P.A., the following supporting documents are submitted to the Port Authority:

  1. Document of the nationality of the vessel;
  2. General Inspection Certificate or Security Certificate (VERIFICATION) of the vessel;
  3. Insurance contract or insurance certification;
  4. Power of attorney, or authorisation or official declaration according to Law 1599/1986 of the shipowner or in case of a company of its legal representative, stating the appointment of the skipper and the appointment of a representative and user of the private pleasure craft in Greece;
  5. Proof of payment of the cruising tax (TPP) of art. 13 of Law 4211/2013, as applicable;
  6. Proof of the capability of the Skipper regarding the governance of the vessel;
  7. Document/ certificate showing the ownership or representation of the private pleasure craft;
  8. In case the legislation of the country where the private leisure craft is registered does not provide for the obligatory issuance of documents regarding the nationality, security and ownership or the representation of a), b) and g) for their size category, any shipping document showing the ownership, nationality and size of the vessel as well as the number, type and power of the engines should be provided.

The DE.K.P.A. is issued for an unlimited duration, and it must be submitted to an annual attestation by the Port Authority.

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